Entangled Mind

About Entangled Mind

Entangled Mind is the alias of Marissa Barbato, a Boston-based producer and sound engineer.
With a particular focus on maximal mix-downs and atmospheric design, they successfully weave together complex layers of their own recordings and carefully crafted sounds into stirring compositions. In tandem with their natural grasp for intuitive phrasing and layering, the results speak for themselves through tangible instrumental dialogue.

Pulling influence from across the musical spectrum, the Entangled Mind project elevates the motifs of psychedelic bass music through clever arrangements and a meaningful command of tension and release. Translated onto the stage, their live performances string together unique blends of original music with a narrative force, ensuring captivated audiences and eardrums through the proper use of proper sound.


Frog's Lemonade

EP Album by Entangled Mind

October 6th, 2020


Frog's Lemonade

Track By: Entangled Mind

Track 1 / 04:13 / Original Mix / Frog's Lemonade


Track By: Entangled Mind

Track 2 / 05:13 / Original Mix / Frog's Lemonade