Swamp Music

Having distributed music for our own, and several other labels; we have a fair understanding of the present state of music distribution, royalties management and monetization/I.P. traceability.

Our proposal is to bridge the existing gap that exists for audio distribution in the blockchain space by creating a Layer-2 solution on Ergo to act as a launchpad for creative endeavors and a SaaS dApp giving creators more power over their media distribution and monetization.

The general idea is to create a middle ground between the music & festival cultures and the crypto & decentralized cultures.

Both go hand-in-hand in many ways, however after personal experience with and exposure to crypto space it’s apparent to our team that there is very little action being taken to represent music or artists in general.

This leaves the musicians (and other artists) in a vulnerable position to get taken advantage of, which happens all too often as the standard economic model music industry - and so we believe that there needs to be both proper representation for artists in the decentralized space as well as the value that they put into their craft and can subsequently generate from it.

The effect that Covid had on economies and small business world-wide is unquestionable…

But few working professionals were hit harder than musicians, who essentially relied on touring income to make ends meet (as the media sales by this point have all but dropped away). Many small and medium musicians have had to get other jobs instead of relying solely on their crafts.

Conversely, we have seen a surge in podcast and streaming consumption and naturally musicians moved to the platform which was available. An unofficial comment from Twitch.tv staff to a popular content-creator and friend of mine mentioned that in 2021, music streams saw more popularity than gaming streams.

This is a fairly disruptive statistic for many reasons, and in our eyes indicates a major shift in the way people are accessing their favorite music and artists but also that people still want to perform and consume just as much live music as before the pandemic.

We feel that new models must be created to circumvent and make obsolete the existing legacy systems which have, in our eyes, ruined the music industry and belittled what it is to become a musician or artist.

Music has the power to change people and the world for the better… this is not an off the cuff remark — it’s a demonstrable fact. We believe that musicians deserve better than living in poverty or struggling to make ends meet.

We are proposing a model which can solve many problems; a major problem being the voice of musicians in both the media distribution and decentralized currency spaces.

Our aims are to build the following:

•Launch swamp.audio podcast for both the music and crypto spaces, giving crypto-listening fanbase a better insight into the creative process and the value put into the creation of music and teaching artists/musicians about decentralization

•Migrate from label to publishing house to continue our own artist roster but also host other labels under us in a future SaaS / dApp distribution model platform, primarily focussing on blockchain but with potential legacy system onramps and offramps

•Become a crypto funding launchpad to raise funds for artists and creative projects using blockchain technology, a layer-2 ontop of the Ergo blockchain


Cheap, reliable, effective, robust, ergonomic and born from the counterculture —

There are many technologies in the blockchain space which lend themselves to industry by means of inherent immutability and traceability. This is beginning to be utilized almost everywhere in industry behind the scenes where manufacturers are testing private blockchains, blockchain supply chain networks, blockchain doc control systems, etc.

We have been searching for a solution to integrate ‘our world’ with the blockchain space for some time, but until recently the high gas fees and barriers to entry have been an impeding factor.

After many hours of research into the usability, built-in trust, developer transparency, and many other factors — we decided to utilize Ergo as our layer-one blockchain.

There is little we can say about Ergo that they don’t say extremely well themselves, so have a look at their website here: https://ergoplatform.org/

ErgoHack is a community development competition specific to Ergo blockchain functionality. Details from the last Ergohack can be found here:


Our goals for ErgoHack:

  • Ergo Payment Processing:
    Integrate ErgoPay / Ergo Payment Portal with new website to allow music to be purchased with Ergo. (Include wallet connector if possible)

  • Ergo Project Fundraising / Launchpad
    Integrate ErgoFund / ErgoRaffle for crowdfunding music releases (such as costs for mastering and artwork), special releases (such as vinyl pressings of digital releases), and artist tours (enough of local users want musician to play in their town, they can raise the funds for it).

Our long term goals:

  • Open Source/Oracle manage royalty distribution contracts:
    Create open-source solution(s) for artist royalties management and media distribution conditions utilizing smart contracts / ergo script. Release any discovered solutions to the community.

  • Multi-tenancy SaaS:
    Create SaaS infrastructure to allow self-hosted distribution/management, utilizing Oracle data to provide relevancy tiers for media distribution fees — giving options for fiat/crypto/hybrid distribution tiers if the artist/label wants to go fully self managed or to have some form of aggregation distribution / management.


Swamp music was initially created as a safe space to explore new ideas, ones which broke the molds or bridged the gaps. It feels like a natural transition for us to move into the blockchain space and provide our relevant expertise to enhance both industries as a whole.

The future potential for swamp.audio as a launchpad for musicians also enables other platforms like it… such as niche gallery collections, art/artist resellers, or content pack sales like game assets, audio samples, 3d objects/patterns for use in other larger IP projects.

We believe that in achieving our goals we will add overall value to the Ergo ecosystem — and this is only the beginning!