Swamp Music

We care about the experience. We care about the music.
We care about the artists. We care about the fans.

We want you to have the closest thing possible to the truth.

So, our catalog has been made available for streaming in the highest bitrate possible while still considering server resources and the intellectual property of the original content.

320kbps MP3 format is still considered lossy, but is considerably better quality than standard streaming services (64, 128) and many people cannot hear the difference between 320 and lossless files.

All of the lossless files are what are for sale, since the use of lossless media indicates the intention to re-use the content for other means or simply that you want the highest quality possible for enjoyment - either way constitutes a price considering the value that went into the development of the original work.

We hope that this decision makes everyone happy - We know that DJs can still utilize 320 MP3s for playing gigs live, but as DJs ourselves we also know the notable difference between a 320 and lossless when dealing with full bandwidth, high resolution playback systems and hope that this quality difference is enough to ensure that the lossless files are still purchased by those who want to use them 'in production'.

We also know the difference between a small gathering with no budget for artists, and a big one with lots of budget - and we want to support the smaller ones by providing the highest quality possible, while still supporting the artists who make the music and who use the music elsewhere.