Jargons From Jupiter

Track by: Alien Brain Food

August 27th, 2014 / 04:05 / Track 1 on Standing Here In Time


So lately... It hasn't been workin out for me greatly

Innately laid plans that don't stand right

Since that new Moon has risen

Catch me at the break of dawn watching Doom glisten

Got a gloom & consume it with a spark,

Find the question mark in the dark

Yeah, feel it out.

I ran with them curves, now I'm searching for a point;

Me and these jagged views with a joint.

Jabbering off Jargons like

'Hello Miss, I beg your pardon..

I want to take it to you to see the garden

So would you follow me?'

Just follow the outer shell and holler back...

Life is but a dream... watch the scenes assimilate on screens

& I'll Stand with You and scream

Now we can bring the morning out

and we can break us down until we all about a million pieces

& make some momentary Mona Lisa's out of us...

Outer space laced, with they hint, the stranger on myself

Conversations with my selves run deep

So it's into my DNA that I peak & Into the structures I creep

By heretics of my heritage, I fix my fuck-ups myself .

Rewinding(reminding) my mind - so that it fires in time.

I can probably erase the line between thought and finished,

master of intrinsic shit: my mission is simple.

To manifest about the infinite;

I seen the pieces fit and now I'm tryna see them fall away -

Dissolve today.

Digesting my lessons up in the dark

Peelin pieces of my heart, so I can remember to start...

Act like my whole life hasn't been art

and act like you could fathom my part's place in destiny

but this human recipe, see now,

I got it from God when he said He was Me.

Now i'm struggling out to see the pieces of myself

that are scattered throughout eternity...

Well, i hope that this duality's a part of the plan.

Now that Orca tear drops, manifest my fear's plot

Tryna be that fear-not kid, thats with that wicked lit

Laced, Latched... Lou with the batch should be buried in Ash

Like, half a mind should have probably been fine

I like my subtleties to trickle anyway -

I couldn't handle the whole sublime.

I slip gracefully into the oasis

As i kick it where time has been misplaced, like -

I'll erase the wall if you're down for the fall;

...Now we can do it all again.

Double down and gain some perspectives

then lose them all like: fall.

Things fall apart, the art of life

Is to put them back together

Realize what you lost and what you gains

Embraced the pleasure and the pain

the pressure to keep sane

is the struggle that's against the grain

well soon the niches impede the layers

Like, i could probably convert my life into a prayer

I just have too much fun just staying here

well heed my warning: progression is selection

hop on it and kneel to neglection

Like i got the foot hands strong

now my whole crews on

foot to the floor, i'm about to explore

just what the fuck i came here for

Lights, love, passion & action;

We're faced somewhere between me and my shadow

See, Me and infinity in a battle

The wrong Mic is restricted to my saddle

See i'll be riding round Saturn

think i'm pretty sure just whats suppose to be a part of the pattern

but oh well cuz what matters

Slip me this hollow truth... now i'll show you how to shatter it

Batters up with them hits

and that hits time's time.

If you can understand that, then you'll probably be fine.

Might just take some time to unwind,

Take a snap back and actually be

where everything's at.

See now there's this place in time that's faceted in me

that's tryna steer me in line -

it's that blind light, that pre-hindsight

It's tight like an escapable barolic

Unmistakable, like a messiah for the misguided.

All i want to be is truly arriving

see my soul drive on live

see myself lookin at myself through the clouds

knowing that this is exactly what the fuck that i'm about

I'm gawking at the oddities and all i've thought is all of these

individual connections of the reflection of a one's intended thought

Like, life can't get bought but we can watch this thought build

and get rocked by the after-tales

so if you wanna live, go do it again!

you and some friends can go burn it until the end!

See my temporary time is priceless,

See me sufficed to say, I could go burn all of your advice away.