Frog's Lemonade

EP Album by: Entangled Mind

Release Date: October 6th, 2020 / Catalog Number: SM0040

Software developer by day, shaker of dance floors by night -

Entangled Mind continues her sonic adventures with Frog's Lemonade EP, exploring new territory to create melodic and captivating grooves flowing across all levels of the energy spectrum.

Incorporating her own recordings and carefully crafted electronic soundscapes, she weaves together complex layers into this unique tale of magic, wonder and froggy bass-faces.

Track list

Frog's Lemonade

Track By: Entangled Mind

Track 1 / 04:13 / Original Mix /


Track By: Entangled Mind

Track 2 / 05:13 / Original Mix /
Ian Stewart Mastering Agent (Track 1)
Mindex Mastering Agent (Track 2)
DayDreemer Visions Album Artwork