Harness The Soup

LP Album by: Cosmoganic

Release Date: October 27th, 2017 / Catalog Number: SM0033


"Cosmoganic has whipped up something quite tasty in his most recent, wholesome release, “Harness the Soup”. As an eight-course meal, featuring creamy psydub and earthy swamp, it’s a gorgeous symphony meant to satisfy any dance floor or curious audiophile. This hypnotic whompfest takes us on a groovy dive into an electric ocean of head-bobbing rhythms and crunchy melodies. Its alluring harmonies and tribal drumscapes are refreshing, to say the least, intertwined against a backbone of memorable composition. Prepare for an auditory treat; your soup is ready." -Nick Sumbles

Blending the realms of Earth and Space through electronic/organic hybrids, Cosmoganic (Ollie Jackson) creates sounds for our evolving species in the Spirit of Love for all Nature and Life... his debut album 'Harness The Soup' is a squish bass lovers dream.

Track list

Harness The Soup

Track By: Cosmoganic

Track 1 / 06:18 / Original Mix /

Fruit of The Purple Orange Tree

Track By: Cosmoganic

Track 2 / 06:10 / Original Mix /

Martian Bushwalk

Track By: Cosmoganic

Track 3 / 05:19 / Original Mix /

The Day That They Arrived

Track By: Cosmoganic

Track 4 / 04:20 / Original Mix /

Second Sunrise

Track By: Cosmoganic

Track 5 / 08:21 / Original Mix /

Ladies & Lentilmen

Track By: Cosmoganic

Track 6 / 05:14 / Original Mix /

Mantis Shrimp Punch

Track By: Cosmoganic

Track 7 / 07:01 / Original Mix /

Blue Stone

Track By: Cosmoganic

Track 8 / 07:28 / Original Mix /
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