Native State

EP Album by: DeathMomenT

Release Date: November 2nd, 2019 / Catalog Number: SM0037

Welcome back to the Swamp, young one!

What a spectacular DeathMomenT you had, and now/then here you aren't again!

Are you ready for another journey through the swampish realms of the bardo?

Don't be afraid, we'll be here with you the whole way through. We'll help to guide you back to your native state..

Track list

Basking In The Awareness

Track By: DeathMomenT

Track 1 / 06:24 / Original Mix /

Native State

Track By: DeathMomenT

Track 2 / 05:26 / Original Mix /

Portals Beyond

Track By: DeathMomenT

Track 3 / 05:59 / Original Mix /

Imagine Reality

Track By: DeathMomenT

Track 4 / 04:03 / Original Mix /
Torin Goodknight Mastering Agent
Matik Designs Album Artwork