Portal Orbit

EP Album by: Fractal Dragon

Release Date: September 12th, 2016 / Catalog Number: SM0023

Rising out of the swamp of life: a creature of legend and mystery... the Fractal Dragon flies upward out of the muck and is dripping in golden mud ~ As he flies past, he begins to reverberate his songs.

His wingspan is impressive, and recursive - you can't help but watch and listen since it all goes back into your head anyway. The dragon flies toward a newly opened, blue-ish, purplish portal in the swampy green skies and begins to orbit. What does it mean? What could be coming out of the portal that the legendary Fractal Dragon itself is coming out to see?

We can hear a pulse coming from the portal now... it's getting stronger ~ Are you ready?

Track list

Shwoopertin Womper Squiggles

Track By: Fractal Dragon

Track 1 / 04:55 / Original Mix /

Gold Dlog

Track By: Fractal Dragon

Track 2 / 05:03 / Original Mix /

Focusing On Periferals

Track By: Fractal Dragon

Track 3 / 03:24 / Original Mix /