EP Album by: Austin Speed

Release Date: June 9th, 2016 / Catalog Number: SM0019

The debut release from San Diego swamp native Austin Speed.

Austin has been crushing the southern California underground with his expertly crafted sets and productions. He has original work with some of the heaviest hitters in the game, so take some notes as you swamp down with these 4 super squishy originals.

What you're hearing is a world/glitch/dub/midtempo vibe with a twang of the psychedelic and enough groove to keep booties shaking and hearts blasting. Having rocked both indoor and outdoor venues en masse, Austin knows how to dial in the sound and get that true lo frequency, hi fidelity experience.

Track list


Track By: Austin Speed

Track 1 / 05:16 / Original Mix /

The Unknown

Track By: Austin Speed

Track 2 / 06:31 / Original Mix /


Track By: Austin Speed Justin Conrad Indra

Track 3 / 03:49 / Original Mix /


Track By: Austin Speed Zyfo

Track 4 / 05:24 / Original Mix /
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