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EP Album by: Stakma Seeded Vision

Release Date: November 1st, 2017 / Catalog Number: SM0035

"A holographic Universe means information that makes up what we perceive as a 3D reality is stored on a 2D surface, including time. This means, essentially, everything you see and experience is an illusion."

Take a psychedelic journey through the deepest realms of the swamp and into the algorithm's source code with this highly advanced 6-track album from Stakma & Seeded-Vision . The deep tribal rhythms and technical soundscapes layer over fat, dialed in bass-lines to guide you into a trance of mind, body & spiritual discovery.

Track list

Cymatic Revelation (Remix)

Track By: Spundose

Track 1 / 04:48 / Remix /

Triangle Crystal Forest

Track By: Stakma Seeded Vision

Track 2 / 04:49 / Original Mix /

The Incident

Track By: Stakma Seeded Vision

Track 3 / 06:35 / Original Mix /

The Art of The Forest, Part I

Track By: Stakma Seeded Vision

Track 4 / 04:38 / Original Mix /


Track By: Stakma

Track 5 / 05:37 / Original Mix /

Temple of Preah Khan

Track By: Stakma Seeded Vision

Track 6 / 06:25 / Original Mix /
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