Slum Light

EP Album by: Darklord Gob

Release Date: October 24th, 2017 / Catalog Number: SM0030

An emotive journey through the slums and sewers of modern electronica -

Darklord Gob is back at it with his new tale, which smoothly blends the realms of trip-hop and heavy bass music. Featuring remixes from Spirit Tech & ST4RF0X, this album will be rinsed so thoroughly the slum might actually be a little less grimey. Who knows? It's bass music.

Track list

Slum Light

Track By: Darklord Gob

Track 1 / 04:04 / Original Mix /

Slum Light (Spirit Tech Remix)

Track By: Darklord Gob

Track 2 / 02:52 / Remix /

Slum Light (ST4RF0X Remix)

Track By: Darklord Gob

Track 3 / 05:20 / Remix /