Spirit Quest

EP Album by: FireWater

Release Date: November 3rd, 2017 / Catalog Number: SM0032

Do you feel that? The rumble in the distance... the chanting of voices and spirits thought long lost to history's mythologies... The alchemist wizard FireWater has been concocting quite the quest for us this time.. yes, all of the basses are covered in this deep tribal story full of 4x4 syncopation and rhythmic processions that leave the mind behind - be ready to dance and maybe even to meet your true self along the way.

Track list

Earth Magic

Track By: FireWater

Track 1 / 05:27 / Original Mix /

Internal Being

Track By: FireWater

Track 2 / 05:45 / Original Mix /

On The Horizon

Track By: FireWater

Track 3 / 05:26 / Original Mix /

Push Through The Darkness

Track By: FireWater

Track 4 / 07:22 / Original Mix /


Track By: FireWater

Track 5 / 06:05 / Original Mix /
AtYyA Mastering Agent (Tyy Clark)
Liquid_Phase Album Artwork