Standing Here In Time

EP Album by: Alien Brain Food

Release Date: August 27th, 2014 / Catalog Number: SM0009

ABF are very inspired by life's messages and vibrations, and want to relay the messages of entheogenic experiences through music and lyrics to relate to like minded individuals, and to break through to new audiences with our dream-drenched sound, and multi-dimensional lyrics.

From Minneapolis, Minnesota, this is only their 2nd CD, and have already shared the stage with some bigger acts such as, EOTO, Mumukshu, Shwex, Kaminanda, Digital Rust, Nostalgia, Reid Speed, and they are determined to keep raising the bar for themselves & their listeners, and to make music for years to come.

Thank you to the Aliens, Swamp Music, Cory Lake, Winterland Studios, Aaron Levin, Josh Levi, Bobby Z, Mumukshu, Shwex, Dave Tipper and All of our Friends and Families, and those actually taking the time to digest this album.

Track list

Jargons From Jupiter

Track By: Alien Brain Food

Track 1 / 04:05 / Original Mix /

Grey Matter

Track By: Alien Brain Food

Track 2 / 03:48 / Original Mix /

The Sun Is On Fire

Track By: Alien Brain Food

Track 3 / 04:14 / Original Mix /

I, Kingdom

Track By: Alien Brain Food

Track 4 / 04:33 / Original Mix /

Panhandling In Heaven

Track By: Alien Brain Food

Track 5 / 03:46 / Original Mix /

Falling Off The Deck

Track By: Alien Brain Food

Track 6 / 03:59 / Original Mix /
Sam Rivkin Composition / Mix / Production
Nick Weiss Vocals / Lyrics
Bran Richards Mastering Agent
Aaron Levin Vocal Engineer
Misko1023 Album Artwork