Music is the Breath of Life ft. OhmLab

Featuring Chris Gear - Sonic Sorcerer @ OhmLab & AudioDesignDesk

October 11th, 2022 / 01:03:13 / Episode 5

We're back! We recently broke through a temporal anomaly which breached the Van Allen radiation belt and hit our planet. Some of the hypercharged khromotons broke one of our transmitting obelisks, hence our radio silence across the dimensions. We resorted to hiring the Ogres of the crypto-bogs to help us rebuild our crystal-clusters and now we're back, even MUDDIER than before!

Joining us in the green room of the swamp ship today is Chris Gear, the wizard known as OHM LAB.

Chris has a whole galaxy of experience under his belt when it comes to the audio design industry.

In this episode, we talk about inspiration, goals, finding your vibe in your own production, and most importantly of all: how to make your snare slap!!

Feeling blessed as always to be joined by demigods and legends of the future-past in our humble home.

From our minds, to yours: we love & believe in you.

Outro song:
Galactic Manta in 432Hz, Original by Ovnimoon, remix by iTomLab