The Value Of A Master

Featuring Ian Stewart from Flotown Mastering

May 18th, 2022 / 01:09:51 / Episode 1

We've been deep in the realms of the bardo, getting our rockets ready to blast off to the crypto-swamps of the hypercluster. In order to get there we needed to install a new 5th dimensional vortex drive, which required us to create this podcast as a means of fuel!

Welcome swamplings new and returning alike, to The Green Room.

Joining us today is Ian Stewart from Flotown Mastering.

Ian has been providing professional mastering and restoration services since 2011.
Simply stated, his mission is to help you make your audio sound the absolute best it can while maintaining open lines of communication in the collaborative process.

Intro/Outro: Frog's Lemonade by Entangled Mind